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This online tool can be used to calculate the mass and balance distribution for G-ASWX only. The figures used in this calculator are not applicable to any other aircraft, even for those of the same type and model. 

Legal Disclaimer: This calculator has not been certified by any governing body. Use at your own risk and assume all data incorrect until validated by you. 


G-ASWX PA28-180 Cherokee Mass & Balance Calculator

Mass & Volume Converter:

Aircraft Empty Mass: lbs in inch-pounds
Pilot and Front Seat Passenger: lbs in inch-pounds
Rear Seat Passengers: lbs in inch-pounds
Baggage (Max 200 lbs): lbs in inch-pounds
Oil Quantity: Qts in inch-pounds

Ramp Fuel Quantity: US Gal in inch-pounds
Ramp Mass: lbs in inch-pounds

Taxi Fuel Quantity: US Gal in inch-pounds
Takeoff Mass: lbs in inch-pounds

Trip Fuel Quantity: US Gal in inch-pounds
Landing Mass: lbs in inch-pounds